This site is dedicated to Rob Ranta who passed away suddenly Aug 2 2004. We will miss you Rob.

If you would like to send in your memories and or photos for this site please send them to glenn@eaglemotorplex.com
Anyone wishing to send a card to Robert's fiance' Alice Garfield and Son Alan Ranta the address is 2016 Glenwood dr., Kamloops bc, V6C 4G6
Services will be held at the Calvary Temple, 1205 Rogers Way, Kamloops BC. Aug 7, 2004 at 1 pm.

Rob and Alice

Rob, Alan and Jim.

Tribute to Rob at Mission Raceway Park. All the bikes were lined up on both sides of the track facing the flags while Wally and then Cory spoke a few words. After a moment of silence Stewart and Glenn rode down the track on behalf of everyone.




That is me and Rob in the ole days, and to the right is my wife Lee and Rob. I am not sure why they take the good guys. Rob was the best, he was fun, funny, big, and just a great person. Rob drag raced bikes for many years and was a great competitor. I helped Rob takeover updating the Eagle web site and he did such a great job. He will be missed by all. So sad to see you go buddy.
Glenn and Lee Miller

I've known Rob for a lot of years and shared many a laugh with him, mostly at my expense. I am very sad that I will not see him at Eagle Motorplex any more, and am in tears at the thought of him being gone. He was on Earth for everyone to share as a friend and we all have a huge hole where he stood. When I roll into staging late, I'll always look for that "Where the hell have you been" look, followed by a big smile and the wave of his hand. I remember one time I started to pre-stage and Rob walked over pointing to his head. I grinned at him and nodded my head like a dummy. He frowned and pointed to his head again, it was then I realized I had my ball cap on, not my helmet. He walked away laughing and waited with folded arms for me to get ready. Good bye my friend...good bye.
Mike Poirier

Ray and I are very saddened by this news. We can not believe it. To Alice, and all the family our thoughts and prays are with you. He will be greatly missed by many many people. Alice, if we can be of any help in your time of need, please just let us know. Ray and Jan
R.J. Enterprises (V.P.Fuels)

We are absolutely shocked with this sad news. Just had a email from him not long ago.
Our sincerest condolences to his family and friends.
Dave & Vicki Strell

Our heartfelt condolences to Alice and families. We will always remember Rob for the gentle, caring and sincere person he is.
Willy & Sharon Wilkinson

We both have the fondest memories of Rob and his gentle, easy going nature. We too were both shocked and saddened to hear of the news. Our deepest sympathy and condolences to Rob's family and his very close friends.
Bill & Joan

No way. Holy smokes that is just terrible.
What a great guy and a mentor to me back when I first got into dragbikes. So sorry.
Al O.

I wish to offer my deepest sympathies to Alice, Alan and family, I share your great sadness. I had gotten to know Rob over the past number of years, not just his dedication and long hours spent helping making our track what it is, but his kindness toward people will not be forgotten. Rob always had a kind word for me, often a good joke or dry humor was his way. Many may not know the extent of what Rob and Alice did at the track, but it was substancial. Alice and Alan please remember the good times and consider Eagle as your family also.
all my best
Jeff Buechler

Alice, Alan & family and the racing family,
I too am shocked and terribly saddened at Rob's passing. While I have missed him this year at the track I always felt that he wasn't very far away such as at the end of the phone. Certainly for the short time that I have been asssociated with the track I enjoyed working with him and he was a very patient in that way of his passing on his wisdom. Now he will be always looking down on us from above trying to ensure that we don't screw up.
Not many of us leave our mark in life in as positive a way as Rob did.
To Alice , Alan and family, Sue & I offer our deepest condolences and prayers.
Jack & Sue Jeyes

To Alice, Alan and family,
Our thoughts and tears are with you.
Stephen and Mona Veitch

All of us are without words right now.
We will always remember the wonderful character Rob was! He was always there to lend a hand or a helpful word, or some off the wall comment to make you smile! You could see the mischief in his eyes.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you Alice and Alan and family.
Ann, Dave, Rob Copeland

I can not believe this
our condolances to Al and Alice
Peter and Kim Saruga

GODSPEED,ROB. You will be missed.
Chris Stone

"We at SpeedZone Magazine are deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Rob. He was a great guy and a more dedicated person to the state of affairs at the 'Plex could not be found. He will not be forgotten. Godspeed Rob, and condolences to Alice and Rob's son"
Dean Murdoch, SpeedZone Magazine

Why is it always the good ones? Rob was one of the greatest guys around. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Alice and the family. You will be forever missed Rob!!!!
Buzz, Marilyn, Cory and Diana Thompson

It's with our deepest sympathy, to our dear friend Rob. Our thoughts and many best wishes go out to the family with all condolensences. With much love and God Bless.
John and Darlene Evans.

It is with great sadness, I find us all in such shock over Robs passing.It was only days a go I talked to Rob about a small glitch we were having at the Track, and He agreed to come and find the problem on the Sat of the Zimmer Race. I along with staff at Eagle Motorplex will miss Him very much.Ive known Rob since first race He attended here, and found that He had a great deal of wisdom.Rob was cetainly the most multi talented person I have ever met.There wasnt ever a problem that I can remember, that He couldnt solve. As a mechanic He was a genious. He could fix,repair or fabricate anything. I could go on about many experiences We shared over the years,but for now , Luisa and myself will be available to help Alan and Alice in any way that we can.We are leaving Powell River for home immediately.Hopefully We can help with arrangements for Sat. Wyatt will post time and address soon.
Bill and Luisa Kraus

Alice and Alan and Family Our deepest condolences on the passing of such a fun loving man. We will miss him dearly.
Bill Daniels and Melody and the Girls

Well, words can't even begin to express my feelings adequately. It's been a few years since I've been part of the racing community there, but I will always remember Rob well. Rest easy my friend!
Mike Enns

To Robs' family and friends,
My daughter worked with Rob and I just knew him from visiting her at work. He always had a smile and a "hello" when I was there. One time my friends' car wouldn't start and he came right out and started it in no time, leaving with a wave and a smile. Although I didn't know him well his wonderful personality was very evident.
My sympathy to you all,
Carol Milgram (Sandys' Mom)

The Calgary Drag Racing Association members would like to express our sincere condolences to the family of Rob Ranta. Our members over the years have participated at the race track in Ashcroft and all have come back with wonderful memories. To the family and the many workers at the track it is a great loss, and our drag racing community in Calgary mourns with you and will be thinking of all of you during this sad moment.
Our condolences
Alan Bailey President
Calgary Drag Racing Association

I wish to offer my deepest sympathies to Alice, Alan and family, I had gotten to know Rob over the past few years, I am shocked and terribly saddened at Rob's passing. He will be greatly missed by many people. We will miss him. Rest in Peace Rob.
John W. Abney (Starter… N.C.M.P.)

I was shocked and saddened by the sad news of Rob's passing. I know that as a brand new track volunteer last summer, Rob very patiently explained anything I didn't understand or wasn't doing right, and at the end of the day he took the time to let me know I'd done the job right. Something small, I know, but he made me feel like a member of the crew from the start. My sincerest condolences to the all the family and friends.
Ryan Dudy, Track Volunteer

ahh, damn..i 've spent many brief moments with rob over the years as he made his presence known on the start line and more than a few longer moments in the pits and even on the highway as he stopped to see if i was able to keep going.. my favourite though had to be as i neared a final round and was almost into pre stage when my drivers' door flew open....a big guy stuck his head in and said.."you know if you don't win this round, you'll have to drink your supper.." nice help on the concentration..  one of the best and sorely missed
glen morrison pro 6929

i am deeply saddened by the news i had heard on the weekend at mission rob will be missed by all.. i can rember when i was licencing my sled at the
national open a few yrs ago...wow i guess its been a long time now...haha but he came over to me after i did my burn out and said to me ..
ya know you have to keep that frikin thing straight to get your licence that pass was straight and and the skis didnt touch till the 1000 ft mark
ltr that night he came over and said your frikin nuts,how do you ride that thing,and i said by the seat of my pants...he just laughed..
wow he was always hakin on me at the start line askin me when i am going to get that thing in the 8s...well rob i am going to try to do it at the et finals
and it will be for you....you will be missed...
your friend chris butler

I am Robert's older sister, Patsy. Our family is just devastated by the death of our cute little red haired brother, Robert. In many ways he was the center of the family - the one to phone for advice on almost anything and at any hour. I thought that we, the Rantas, Alice, Alan and a few close friends would be the ones affected greatly by his death but I was so wrong. He had so many friends and those big fingers of his in so many pies. Thank you to all those who attended his memorial service and on a personal note I loved being enveloped in all those Robert hugs! We will all miss him immensely.

On behalf of all of the staff and volunteers at Race City our sincere condolences go out to all of you during this difficult time. Racing families are very close and the loss is tough on everyone. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Lynn Church, Race Operations, Race City Motorsport Park Calgary, AB

I was shocked to read the news of Rob, My most sincere & heartfelt condolences to Alice & Son Alan. Rob Kept me motivated to keep on racing despite all obstacles. Godspeed Racer Rob

Alice and Alan, my heart goes out to you over your devastating loss. Robert had been a good friend to me, way back when, and I have never forgotten it. He will be missed dearly.

Rob was a person I always looked up to. He taught me most of what I know about computers and hung out with my Dad quite a bit.  We called him "Coach". He knew how to make people feel comfortable and was full of amazing facts about everything under the sun. He'd take me up in the tower and give me tours and show me how things were done. He is missed dearly and will forever be remembered as one of the most interesting and cool people I have ever met. He was one of the good ones and may we we remember him by living our lives in the extraordinary fashion that he did. My heart goes out to his family.
Jayna Cook

Our deepest sympathy to Alice, Alan, and family on Rob's untimely passing. While I was only able to see Rob once or twice a year, every time was a pleasure. Ultimately the conversations would touch on some tech issue and in Rob's unique way of looking at things, he could always poke a hole in a rule that no one else could. I am sure he got a big charge out of it but at the same time he was just helping racers in one more way. I sure hope God has enough projects to keep you busy my friend.
Sincerely, Dave & Brenda Schaffel & Family

I am Robert's younger sister Susan, I knew my Big Bro was a special person, but, I did not know how special, He had touched so many lives beyond what we his family knew. Rest in peace Bro.

Just a short note to say I only found out today Sept 14 that Rob had passed. I apologize for not keeping uptodate with the racing at Eagle or anywhere else for that matter. I met Rob when I was 19. He was always over at Terry Edwards and Vicki's place. He loved his cars and his bikes and we could always hear him coming a block away, "Here comes Ranta" Vicki would say and we would all laugh at this young, skinny, shy fellow. Rob was always kind to everyone and we will miss him at the tracks.
Val & Bob Davenport.

We can't begin to thank everyone for the pictures, messages, cards, and flowers we have received. The response has been totally overwhelming.
The tributes to Rob at the night drags, the CMDRA race weekend and at the Mission track were extraordinary.

Rob introduced me to the racing world.....at Las Vegas (3 times), Mission, Seattle for a tech seminar and banquet and of course, Eagle Motorplex where I was sweet-talked into working the tower. At all of the tracks, he introduced me to so many wonderful new people I will never forget. He also introduced me to the world of dirtbiking, which at my age, I was questioning my sanity as well as my safety..........but I survived and had a great time doing it! And I introduced him to the world of golf which he embraced with a passion. Of course in typical Rob fashion, he studied and analyzed the game....on the internet, books (Golf for Dummies) and the golf channel. I am not sure which got more air time, golf channel or speed channel. Of course, he custom ordered clubs to fit him on Ebay. Drove Wyatt crazy with all this golf stuff. His latest prize possession was his 1250 sq ft garage separate from his 1250 + 300 sq ft shop and his 900 sq ft house. A racer's dream!

Rob was one of a kind and will never be replaced in his many worlds. A perfect package!
Thank you to everyone,
Alice, Alan and the Ranta Family

It was great to read the web page devoted to Rob.  He was an amazing man in so many ways.  There really was no one better with any sort of equipment than  Rob, and really nothing that he could not do once he set his mind to it.  He was a true Fin in every sense of the word, motorsports were just in his blood from day one. 

Rob was a very dedicated friend, always true to his word. It is two and a half years down the road, and we all still miss him as much as ever.  We did not always see eye to eye, but we were good friends and I cannot tell you how much I miss being able to pick up the phone to tap his great mind.  

It was because of Rob that I had a chance to be involved in some extremely exciting, exhilarating and adrenaline pumping activities from dirt biking with all of the guys in our fabulous old group, to ice racing the dirt bikes, stock car racing and drag racing my Kawi'.

I thank Rob so much for giving me those great fun times.  We still love him and miss him greatly.