Track Policies and Rules 2005 (some of these are regulated by insurance concerns)

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1.                  Tower lane has right away on exit off track.

2.                  Don’t come up into staging until you are called by class.

3.                  Junior Dragster, Snow/Bike and Super Pro will be laddered by best reaction time during qualifying time trials. In all other bracket classes the first round of eliminations will be random paired four abreast, 2nd round will be laddered by best reaction time of round 1 winners – please angle park in staging at this time.

4.                  No dogs running free.  Kids must be supervised.  No kids on bicycles until race event over.

5.                  Numbers on windshield and driver’s side of vehicle should be dark – 6” tall by 1.5” wide and very clear so that tower can read.  We encourage everyone to get NHRA permanent numbers.

6.                  Feel free to disagree with track decisions, however, use caution, do it nicely and diplomatically.

7.                  No consumption of alcohol on site until event day is complete.  If you are still in competition, you can be disqualified if anyone is observed drinking alcohol around your pit area. No prohibited substances permitted at any time.

8.                  Racers are encouraged to take away their own garbage please.

9.                  Jr. Dragster drivers must return back down the return lane next to track so that we can observe these vehicles from the starting line until their return to their pit area.  Return speed must be 20 kph or less.  No Jr. Dragster shall be driven in the pits.  These vehicles must be pulled or pushed.  Any Jr. Dragster that is driven back down return road must in fact come all the way to the tower, OR an adult must accompany the Jr. Dragster that has been shut OFF into the pits.

10.              All race vehicles, support vehicles will observe 20 kph speed limits in the pits and staging areas. Excessive speed in pits and return roads will be dealt with.

11.              All pit bikes, golf carts, quads, trikes, etc, must be marked with corresponding race car number.  No one under 16 may operate any vehicle at this track (excluding Jr. Dragsters )

12.              You must have signed a waiver form.  Please ensure that this is done.

13.              When lights snap off at night, that means “Quiet Time”.  You may continue partying but quietly as this is a family sport and people need sleep.  (We will discipline if we need to.)

14.              Everyone must stay behind fence line on return road (track side).  Only race vehicles, support vehicles and track personnel allowed out on this road.  (Should an incident happen, the result may be to install a continuous fence.)  All racers can help and assist track personnel in keeping everyone behind fence line.

15.              Current NHRA Rule Book is Basic Rules.  (Track rules are in addition to them, not to take away from Rule Book.)

16.              Any vehicles “jacked up” must have jack stands under vehicle in safe appropriate positions.

17.              If a vehicle is running at this track, it must have a driver behind steering wheel and in control.  (Must be 16 and have a Driver’s License.)  Excluding Jr Dragster’s of course.

18.              Absolutely no transmission brake checks, no transmission testing, or burnouts anywhere, anytime unless on race track surface during an event.  (Transmission checks on jack stands allowed in pits, 8 am to 8 pm only.)

19.              Please do not take off your helmet or loosen belts until you are back in your pit area.  While you are in motion, safety equipment must be in use or in place.  This will be enforced.

20.              Due to weather influence, track reserves right to limit time trials and also while we try to have a drivers meeting on Saturday, sometimes we must go right into eliminations.

21.              Eagle Motorplex avoids refunds, but may under some circumstances allow rain checks that must be used in a current season.

21.       ANTIFREEZE - if you drive your entry in, it’s OK: if you trailer entry in, it’s prohibited.

22.              Dumping of used oil and antifreeze other than in designated tanks in two locations at the track will not be tolerated and will be grounds for eviction from the facility.  Violators will be charged for complete clean-up expenses, as well will be criminally charged under the Canadian Environmental Act (CEAA).

23.              Burning of fires will be allowed only if the mess is cleaned up, i.e. ashes, charcoal and rocks etc, removed.  As we need to mow weeds and grass in the pits, rocks from fires have damaged our mower on numerous occasions.

      24.       The new pit parking area is off limits to everyone.  It will be posted no access.  We do not

want bikes, quads up there making ruts and dust.  This dust finds its way onto the track making hazardous conditions on the track.

      25.       Vandalism at this facility will be dealt with harshly.  Volunteers have put in many hours of

                  work into this facility and it would be nice to maintain it the way it is.

      26.       The tower is not off limits at present, please feel free to visit but when we are running cars

                  please keep your voice extremely quiet as the announcer’s microphone picks up

                  everything said.  No smoking in the tower.

27.              Feel free to see Racer reps for any concerns you may have.

28.              ABSOLUTELY NO VEHICLES to be on return road alongside track when Junior Dragsters are returning from their run. Immediate  disqualification and possible loss of racing priveledges will result.

.We cannot emphasize how serious this is.